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Blown Films

Gain performance and meet cost objectives with Nelipak film coextrusion capabilities. Films can be extruded in multiple layers to deliver targeted attributes.

Blown films use an annular (circular) die and are slow-air quenched, delivering more crystallinity and better barrier.

A graphic showing the manufacturing of blown films
lamination process

Adhesive Lamination

Get strong, heat-resistant laminated films engineered for desired barrier, weight and performance characteristics. Laminated films allow for reverse printing, which protects the ink and provides superior gloss and scuff resistance.

  • Adhesive Lamination: Structure is bonded with adhesive.

Heat Seal Coating Technology

For over 40 years, Nelipak Heat Seal Coatings (HSC) have set the industry standard for the highest quality sterile packaging materials. We continue to enhance performance with regard to sealability, breathability and peelability.

  • Nelipak CR27, the world’s most universally used HSC for sterile packaging, is used by 28 of the top 30 medical device manufacturers
  • Nelipak SBP2000 is the most technologically advanced HSC in the world for sterile packaging
Female Bemis Healthcare Packaging Europe employee carrying out accelerated-real-time-aging

Converting Capabilities

If there’s a need for sterile medical packaging, we can convert it.

  • With the widest selection of materials in the world, we are better equipped to have the solution to your requirements
  • Pouching capabilities include: Chevron; Spouts; Breathable Foil Pouches
  • Bag capabilities include: Breather Bag®; Gusset; Linear Tear; Ultra-Clean; Wicket Bags; SteriBags®; SteriVent® Bags; Ziplock Bags

Custom Thermoforming

Reduce your supply risk, as our vast selection of equipment, at multiple locations throughout the world, provides assurance of global supply continuity.

  • Medical market focus & expertise
  • Award-winning designs
  • State-of-the-art computer aided design
  • Advanced modeling capabilities
  • In-house tooling expertise
  • Wide selection of material options

Markets We Serve

Our business partnerships is built upon helping our clients successfully build brands, sell products and deliver their products successfully to market. Our team of experts offers decades of industry experience and understand the unique challenges within each specific market we serve.

Heat Seal Coating Technology

Heat Seal Coating Technology

The most innovative supplier in the healthcare packaging industry

Medical Device Packaging

Trusted protection and performance for medical devices

Combination Packaging

combination packaging

Absolute protection for challenging combination drug/device products

Diagnostic Packaging

BHP Europe diagnostic-packaging

Proven solutions for in vitro diagnostics, biologics & laboratory products

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