Neliapk Heat Seal Coated Tyvek

We have been consistently supplying the market with a reliable product that works exactly the same the first day you bought it as it does years later.

Nelipak Healthcare Packaging has been doing precisely that for over 40 years. Having introduced the first coated Tyvek for medical packaging in the early 70’s.

Exceptional features of Nelipak Coated Tyvek, which have become industry standards include:

  • Overall heat seal coating applied via air knife method
  • Uniform, bright white adhesive provides visual proof of seal integrity upon sealing
  • Resistant to blocking, water penetration and cling resistance
  • Coating provides a fiber free seal

Nelipak SBP2000

seal testing

Nelipak premier Heat Seal Coating for Tyvek. Hydrophobic coating provides seal creep resistance, improved cold flex properties and enhanced sealing characteristics.

Nelipak CR27

Most universally used Heat Seal Coating in the world for medical, sterile barrier applications requiring porosity.


Two custom-thermoformed-trays

HCW Nelipak CR27 accommodates for flange thickness variation on rigid trays and enhances sealing to compensate for variations in manufacturing processes.


Designed primarily for desiccant packaging requiring compliance with Military Specification Mil-D 3464-E.

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