From standard LLDPE bag films to “bullet-proof” nylon/LLDPE bag films, Nelipak Healthcare Packaging offers a wide range of films and unique converting features for every application. Our expert team will help you find the right bag films to conquer abrasion, puncture or flex cracking challenges.

Material Options

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 Nylon Breather Bags®


PE/PA/PE coextrusions.

  • Available with various percent of nylon content
  • Can provide maximum puncture and abrasion resistance

 Breather Bags®


Metallocene/LLDPE blended bag film.

  • Super tough material with excellent mechanical strength properties (puncture, tear, abrasion)

Specialty Breather Bags®

Have a unique application? We can custom design a bag or material to meet your requirements.

Unique Converting Features

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Nelipak Breather Bag® Header Bags

Our breathable header strips provide the opportunity for multiple sterilisation methods: ETO or irradiation.  Ideal for larger, bulky items, as the flexible film easily conforms to the shape of your product.

RWS Breather Bag® Header Bags


In those unique applications where you will be putting pressure on the header strip, our RWS (Reinforced Weld Seal) bags will prevent your product from pushing through the top seal.

Nelipak Steribags

Our Steribags combine Tyvek® and film in the header strip, reducing the need for a heat seal coating. The result is a high-quality header strip that provides an excellent peel system with high breathability.

Nelipak Vented Bags


Our vented bags consist of a PE bag with Tyvek® ports. The 4 or 8 Tyvek® ports are approx. 60 mm in vent size and are oriented to allow gas to vent into the extremities of the bag to provide improved aeration/degassing for sterilisation cycles.

Linear Tear Bags

Linear Tear bags can incorporate different tear notch positions for streamlined functionality in opening of packaging.  Our Linear Tear bags have first time clean and easy opening with no partial or off-center tearing or tearing into the product.

Steri-Ultra Clean Bags


Steri-Ultra clean bags consist of cleanroom extruded HDPE material sealed to uncoated 1073B Tyvek®.  All sterile packaging production is undertaken in certified cleanroom environments where web cleaners and vision inspection equipment have been added to all processes to ensure that all raw material loose particle contamination is eliminated during manufacturing.

Wicket Bags


Wicket Bags allow customers to automate their packaging process.  The bags are stacked and held together on plastic wickets that act as a dispensing solution. Then, the bags are removed from the wicket using a pre-perforated slot and subsequently filled and sealed.

Gusset Bags


Gusset Bags have sides that expand allowing you to package bulkier large items. We offer a wide range of these bags, including base gusset and side gusset. We also provide cap and nozzle spout features in the base gusset and standard bags.

Ziplock Bags

Three ziplock-bags

Ziplock re-closable bags in a variety of sizes and material offerings provide clarity and durability for almost any application: Conventional 2D Ziplock bags or 3D Base Gusset Bags (Doy style) with or without Ziplock’s. Also available, fin seal pouches with side gussets to allow you to package large or bulky products.

Stomacher Filter Bags


Stomacher Filter Bags are designed to keep liquid, semi-solid or solid samples withheld in the bag during the blending process. These bags are cleanroom manufactured and made from polyethylene films and can include a full filter or side filter membrane feature as per customer requirements.

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