Comprehensive Range of Healthcare Pouch Materials and Design Options

We have a pouch solution for your most demanding medical device, pharmaceutical or diagnostic product. Whether you need a breathable pouch, utilising paper or DuPont™ Tyvek®, or high-barrier film or foil pouch, we have the solution.

Breathable Pouches

breathable medical device packaging

Peelable Tyvek® and paper pouches for situations that require porosity for at least one of the webs.

  • EtO sterilisation
  • Requirements to remove headspace odours

Film/Film Pouches

peelable pouch film

BHP Europe’s industry leading peelable pouch film, from standard PET/PE to the most technically advanced films in the industry.

High Strength Pouches


BHP Europe’s highest strength materials to help you eliminate the failure modes of abrasion, puncture, and flex crack.

Weld Seal


Non-peelable pouch combination, either film/film, or foil/foil.

Medical Device Solutions

High Barrier Pouching Solutions

Moisture Barrier

High barrier foil and film laminates provide your desired moisture barrier properties.

Oxygen Barrier

High barrier foil and film laminates provide your desired oxygen barrier properties.

Chemical Barrier

Advanced films & sealants designed to provide excellent barrier to aggressive product content.

Breathable Barrier

Foil laminates with cut away Tyvek® strip provides a breathable barrier pouch – for combination drug/device products.

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