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Bemis Healthcare Packaging is one of the most trusted flexible packaging suppliers to the pharmaceutical industry providing innovative and reliable packaging solutions for pharmaceutical applications.

We provide vital expertise and commitment to advance packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical market.

Two Bemis Healthcare Packaging Europe employees, experts in sterile packaging

Experts in sterile packaging

  • Global presence, manufacturing redundancy
  • Expertise in package design for retail and e-commerce presence
  • Experts in barrier, blown film technology, coatings
  • Leaders in transdermal packaging technology
  • Provide personalized, one on one service

We Are Leaders in Leveraging Material Sciences

Bemis Healthcare Packaging provides innovative and reliable packaging solutions to the pharmaceutical industry. We are leaders in leveraging material science to develop products that offer better performance, efficiencies, protection and end user experience than our competition. Utilizing a global manufacturing footprint and personalized one to one service, Bemis Healthcare Packaging is able to support our pharmaceutical customers’ needs around the world with consistent quality, service, and specifications. Our pharmaceutical portfolio offers trusted packaging solutions for prescription, OTC, and generic pharmaceuticals products whether they are in the form of a liquid, solid unit dose, injectable, or inhaled product.

BHP Europe major-packagin-formats
BHP Europe major-packagin-formats

Technical Advantages to Meet Evolving Pharma Market Needs

The global pharmaceutical packaging portfolio we have developed was designed to meet evolving market needs while utilizing technical advantages. Our products include foil laminations, high barrier films, sterilizable products, pouches, flow wraps, stick pack, and tray/lid combinations.

Foil Laminations, Sealants and Exterior Layers

Our foil laminations include a variety of sealant and exterior layers to meet the exact needs of our customers active and non-active ingredients. We have standard products that are either child or non-child resistant and our R&D group is able to assist our customers in choosing the best lamination to meet specific needs.

BHP Europe major-packagin-formats
BHP Europe major-packagin-formats

Transdermal Patches

A market area of focus for Bemis Healthcare Packaging has been packaging options for the transdermal patch market. We have developed a group of foil laminations specifically designed to reduce and restrict interactions. This provides a significant technical advantage versus standard market offerings and allows us to help our customers qualify packaging quicker and with less risk. In addition, we produce non-foil laminations for applications that have less robust barrier requirements while still providing maximum product protection.

Stick Pack and Flow Wrap Materials

Bemis Healthcare Packaging also supplies various stick pack and flow wrap materials that have been designed to specifically meet the needs of the pharmaceutical market. Sealants have been chosen to reduce interaction with active and non-active ingredients while maximizing efficiencies on packaging equipment. We are also able to provide special opening features such as Score One and other opening features to maximize the end user experience.

BHP Europe major-packagin-formats
BHP Europe major-packagin-formats

Pre-filled Syringes and Injectables

Trays, lids, and sterilizable packaging is an area of significant focus for Bemis Healthcare Packaging in our pharmaceutical portfolio primarily for pre-filled syringes and injectables. We offer customizable trays in a variety of materials including PETG, HIPS, PP, and HDPE to offer the most effective protection for these products.

Unique Customer Collaboration

Bemis Healthcare Packaging is dedicated to helping our customers utilize packaging to improve the end users experience and provide competitive advantages in their respective markets. We have developed a unique customer collaboration experience called Catalyst to help facilitate this process. This framework allows Bemis Healthcare Packaging and our customers collaborate and strategic partners and uncover new opportunities through packaging.

BHP Europe major-packagin-formats

Our Extensive Range of Pharmaceutical Packaging Solutions

  • High Barrier / Chemical Resistant Pouch
  • Paper Pouch
  • Child Resistant Laminates
  • Blister Forming Film
  • Flow Wrap
  • Stick Pack
  • Peelable Pouch
  • Frangible Pouch
  • Blister Lidding
  • Alu / Alu – Cold Form
  • Bemis Mauá
  • Blister Packaging
  • Alu / Alu – Cold Form
  • Strip Packaging
  • Laminated Sachets
  • Laminated Tubes

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